With the fast changes in technology, staying in the modern media has become a huge challenge. The deploying of staff to one of your location to replace the media is an expensive and time-consuming activity.

AD Display can support you with a modern CDMS system that can be easily managed by anyone. With one press of a button it is possible to start, stop or replace an advertising campaign. The system is suitable for any kind of media carrier, from LED screens to tablets.

The system also offers templates with which campaigns can easily be made online. For example, it is possible to show a movie, followed by an image that is followed up by eg a PowerPoint presentation. Or 2 images and 2 films in 1 window, the possibilities are infinite. Even touch control is one of the possibilities that makes your campaign suddenly very interactive with your customer.

The system works through WiFi but if there is no WiFi connection on site, the system can also function through 4G (a data plan is then required). Our modern online CDMS system can be configured entirely according to your wishes and it is possible to give different departments different rights. A final inspection before sending is also possible.

The CDMS system is SSL encrypted and to log in a token is needed that changes every minute. This guarantees you a safe online environment. And all this for a fraction of the costs compared to the “old” way of working.

Have you become interested? Please contact one of our advisers, who will be happy to explain everything to you personally and possibly give you an online demo.

We hope to be of service to you soon, with kind regards AD Display

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