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What is Narrowcasting?

Narrowcasting is the transmission of information on modern monitors. In contrast to broadcasting is narrowcasting aimed at a specific audience on a specific place.

Narrowcasting can be used very wide and is a beautiful and modern way to get to communicate with own personnel or clients, visitors, patients,etc!

Example internal communication with Narrowcasting

Narrowcasting within a large organization or international company can serve as a kind of electronic newsletter. Waiting on the lift or at the coffee machine is the staff quickly informed about the latest company news. Because the narrowcasting broadcast is for and by the staff, everyone involved is quickly informed about the in the ins and outs of the company! Some examples of narrowcasting presentations that you can employ in internal communication:

– birthdays of staff
– internal positions
– imagine new staff
– Anniversaries or other festive occasions
– new products or services-local weather
– local/regional news-local traffic information
– Signage
– Sales targets
– Welcome visitors-mutual pools at major sporting events

Example external communication with digital signage

to communicate to the outside world is a commonly used option of narrowcasting. Any company or institution has finally something to communicate! This can be to visitors of a company, patients and family, or customers and suppliers. Some examples of narrowcasting presentations that you can employ in remote communications:

– offers or promotional
– Product-or brand-movies
– holiday opening times
– wait times
– local actions like street fairs or charities
– local weather
– local/regional news
– local traffic information
– Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter
– wait soothing movie trailers-images of, for example, nature, animals or sports
– Brain trainers

Visitors to a company may already be welcomed at reception through the narrowcasting display. Within health care institutions can narrowcasting be interesting as waiting room TV and as a source of information. In a retail environment, for example, customers and visitors are informed about the latest actions, offers and opening hours.
The possibilities are endless!

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