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You pay a standard monthly fee for our license, including software updates, support and warranty on the CDMS Media Box (warranty applies as long as a subscription is taken).

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At AD Display we provide two types of support. Every user receives free Web Care, a service with which you can easily solve problems yourself and ask questions to the helpdesk. For users who prefer extra care, we offer VIP Care. Click here for the differences.


The AD Display CDMS Media Box is a versatile Android system with our CDMS software that can be controlled via a secure environment. With a powerful processor, 8Gb storage, HDMI output, WiFi and an optional 4G connection, the CDMS Media Box can be used in every situation. You pay a one-time purchase for this system. The guarantee on the CDMS Media Box is as long as a subscription is taken with a minimum of 1 year. (Price: Wifi: 199.00 euro & 4G: 249.00 euro)

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