Web & Vip Care

Standard Support

With AD Display you get not only a subscription to the software, you also get a subscription to our hard working teams. Our development team ensures that your software always continues to work with every new hardware and operating system upgrades.

Our software excels in user-friendliness, but if you do not get out of it, we have an online support center. Here you will find FAQ, practical video tutorials and manuals about our software.

Web Care

  • Online Helpcenter
  • E-mail support
  • E-mail notificaties
  • Software updates

VIP Care

  • Benefits of WEB Care
  • First line support team
  • Active thinking
  • Remote assistance by means of remote control


Active thinking?

With our extensive support support, our support team is on hand to help you with your questions and they actively think along with you.

Easily monitor and organize each screen via our advanced display management functions, without having to turn on the IT department. Set rules for remote control and receive notifications of exactly what happens or changes on the screens.

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